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13th December 2017

Christmas Support Times

Up until 22nd December, ShopWired support will be open as normal. 

Support will close at 4pm on 22nd December. 

Our support team will not be available from 23rd December through to 26th December. 

For the 27th December, 28th December and 29th December, support will be available between 9.30am and 5.30pm by telephone and live chat. 

Our support team will not be available from 30th December through to 1st January. 

Support will re-open, as normal, from 2nd January at 9.30am. 

Platform monitoring & urgent problems

The ShopWired platform is monitored around the clock for any problems or issues to ensure reliability and continuous uptime. This continues whilst our support teams are closed. 

If you have an urgent problem on your website when our support team is not available, please either:

- Call 0330 111 2024 and leave a brief message describing your problem 

- Email 

A member of our cover team will then contact you as soon as possible to assist in solving your problem.