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20th November 2017

Mandatory Billing Update

As of Monday 20th November 2017, the ShopWired platform is owned and operated by ShopWired Limited, a company registered in the Republic of Ireland. Our terms and conditions have been updated to reflect this change.

As part of this change, we will now be accepting payment for your subscription and app charges through a credit or debit card. 

If you are currently paying for your monthly subscription via GoCardless/Direct Debit (direct from your bank account) - this payment method will be automatically cancelled once you have entered your new billing information.

If you are paying by PayPal for an annual subscription, entering your billing information will NOT cause a charge to be made on your card, you will continue to be billed annually for your subscription payments.

Access to certain pages on your account (such as the installation of new apps) is restricted until you enter new billing information into your account. 

You are required to enter your new billing information by 31st December 2017.

Your website and account will remain open and usable if you can't update your billing information immediately. After 31st December, your website will remain live but you'll need to enter new billing information in order to access your ShopWired account.

Invoices & VAT

Invoices will now be issued for your subscription and app payments (and other services ordered through the platform such as extension installations) from ShopWired Limited, registered in Ireland. 

For customers in the United Kingdom, no VAT will be charged on your subscription payments or other requests made through the platform, such as apps and extension installations.

You can read more about billing and invoices here.

Any questions should be directed to