Latest Feature Updates & Announcements

3rd July 2019

New System Changes

We have released amendments to the admin system based on your feedback. These are detailed below. Please continue to provide your feedback to us on how we can improve the admin system for you. 

Font Size

We received feedback from some users that the font size of the admin system is a little too small. You'll now find, at the very top of the admin system, you can change the font size that it uses by clicking one of the As. The default size is the current one and if you change to another we will remember your selection for when you next visit. 

We'll continue to gather feedback from users on the font size choices available so please let us know if you find one is not suitable for you. 

Variation Management

We received quite a bit of feedback around the new variation management section and how it was cumbersome to use and a 'downgrade' of functionality from the old system of managing variations within a table. We apologise that we didn't better think through how the change would have affected our users. 

We've released an update today which better emulates the old variation management and mimics a tabular design. When editing products that already have variations you'll now find that each variation combination is contained within one row of a table. Within this table we'll show 3 fields (price, SKU code and stock quantity) which we know users edit most often. 

A '+ show more fields' link next to each variation combination allows you to click to reveal other, hidden, fields to edit other data (such as weight, GTIN or reward points earned). 

At the top of the page you can click a link 'show more fields for variation combinations' link to reveal hidden fields for every variation combination on the page. 

We hope that these changes will bring the admin system back to where it was for you in terms of managing variations but welcome any additional feedback that you might want to give us on how this area can be improved. 

The ability to re-order variations when adding new options is something that we will be working on soon. 

Order PDFs

We're aware that a lot of users found the new process for downloading order PDFs more time consuming and the old behaviour where the PDF now opens in a new window within the browser has been restored. 

Order Filtering

When you search for an order by customer name or order reference the system will now search both archived and unarchived orders again. 

We have moved the ability to filter by archived/unarchived onto the main screen (so you no longer need to select 'more filters'). 

Left Menu

We've received complaints from some users that they're unable to scroll using the new left menu format. We've added in a scroll arrow that's displayed at the bottom of the menu that you can click on to reveal the hidden menu items. 

We recognise that some users might prefer to have a scroll bar but feel this is not appropriate. 

If you still experience difficulties using the left menu when clicking the scroll arrow, please do get in touch.


Finally, we're aware that sometimes you might not always notice a new update that we post. When you login on the dashboard now you'll see a notice if there's an unread update waiting for you. Once you click to read the update this notice will then disappear from the dashboard (or you can also close the notice using the X icon). 

You'll still be able to access the updates page in the normal way through the blue link on the dashboard.

And finally...

We hope you like these new changes. As mentioned above, please do continue to send us your feedback about the new system. 

Over the next few weeks we'll be collecting and analysing more feedback from our users and aim to release another update within the next month or so but if there's anything urgent you think we need to be aware of please tell us about it.