Latest Feature Updates & Announcements

5th May 2020

Preview order status emails

An email can be sent to your customer when you change the status of an order by selecting the 'send an auto-email to the customer' tick box when changing the order's status. The content of the email sent to the customer depends on the status the order is being changed to and can be set on the  'order status emails' page within your ShopWired account. 

A new feature on ShopWired allows you to preview this email before its sent, and make any changes. 

To enable the feature, select 'orders' from the left menu and then 'settings' (in the top right of the screen). Tick the box 'Customise order status emails before they are sent to the customer'.

After enabling the setting, when you view an order a new section will appear for you to preview the contents of the email. You can make any changes to the content of the email by editing the text. When you click the 'save changes' button, the order status will be updated and the customer sent the amended email. 

ShopWired stores the contents of the email (for you to view at any time) within the order comments section of the page where you view an order.

If your account sends emails both as HTML and plain text, you will need to edit both versions (particularly the HTML one, as this is the version customers are most likely to receive). 

If you have difficulty editing HTML, click the html tips icon at the top right of the text box where the HTML is displayed. Alternatively you can disable HTML emails by following the instructions here.

ShopWired development teams will shortly being work on new features to allow you to edit HTML emails more easily through an online editor.