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22nd December 2017

QuickBooks App Release

We can now announce the launch of our QuickBooks app. 

Important: Our QuickBooks app is currently in beta

You should consider the QuickBooks app to be in BETA. This means that whilst the app has been thoroughly tested, we cannot guarantee that the app will be error free. 

Based on user feedback, we will be adding and refining the features on the app over the coming weeks and months. 


To use the app you will need to create an account on an external system currently in development called ShopWiredConnect. You should also consider ShopWiredConnect to be in BETA meaning that whilst it has been thoroughly tested, we cannot guarantee that it will be error free. 

ShopWiredConnect has not yet been released to all ShopWired users and unfortunately there are currently no help guides available. 

Support enquiries

Any enquiries about ShopWiredConnect or the QuickBooks app should be directed by email to Unfortunately telephone support or live chat support is not available for ShopWiredConnect or the QuickBooks app at the present time.

Using the QuickBooks app

1. You should create an account on ShopWiredConnect at (you can use the same username/password as your ShopWired account, but this is not mandatory).

2. Once you have created your account, you will be prompted to enter the API keys from your ShopWired account. These can be obtained by following the instructions here

You will be asked whether you want to import historical orders which means orders placed on ShopWired before you setup your ShopWiredConnect account.

3. Once you've entered your API keys, select the second item from the left hand menu (it's an icon of 9 squares). Next, click the 'configure app' button beneath the QuickBooks icon. 

4. You will then be prompted to login to your QuickBooks account and authorise ShopWiredConnect to access it. You should click accept and you'll then be transferred back to ShopWiredConnect. 

5. On the app configuration page you'll now see some new options: 

Select the VAT rate you wish to apply to sales that are vattable. 

Select the VAT exclusive rate you wish to apply to sales that are non-vattable.

Select the account within QuickBooks that sales receipts should be sent to.

Select the account that you wish to receive payments into.

Each payment method you have configured on your store can be configured to a different payment account on QuickBooks. 

Alternatively you can specify the same payment account for all payment methods by selecting a QuickBooks account for the 'default' payment method.

If configuring individual payment methods you must ensure you specify the 'payment method' value correctly. For a list of available payment method values please contact us.

Similar to the payment account selection, if you are accepting payments on your store from converted reward points or gift vouchers, these will come through as partial payments and so you should select the account you want these to be paid into. 

6. Orders placed on your ShopWired account will now be populated across to QuickBooks. 

Please note that it can take up to 1 hour for an order to be sent from ShopWired to QuickBooks through ShopWiredConnect.

If you opted to import historical orders these can take up to 12 hours to import (depending on the number of orders in your account).

Testing the integration

We advise you to place a test order on your ShopWired account and wait for it to transfer to QuickBooks in order to test the integration is working correctly. 

If you have any questions, please contact us at