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12th February 2018

Royal Mail Click & Drop app release

We can now announce the launch of our Royal Mail Click & Drop app which has been approved for release.

The app is currently in beta

You should consider the app to be in BETA. This means that whilst the app has been thoroughly tested and approved for release, we cannot guarantee that the app will be error free. 

Based on user feedback, we will be adding and refining the features on the app over the course of the next few weeks and months.

How the app works

To use the app you will need a Royal Mail Click & Drop account. If you don't already have one, you can open an account in a couple of minutes.

Click & Drop allows you to upload your orders from your ecommerce provider and pay for postage online - print the postage label - and then take the packages to simply drop them off at your local Post Office. If you're not familiar with Click & Drop you can find out more information here

The Click & Drop app has 2 functions:

- To provide you with an initial spreadsheet containing product information which you upload to Click & Drop
- To provide you with the ability to download a spreadsheet containing your orders and upload the spreadsheet to the Click & Drop website.


To use the app you will need to create an account on an external system currently in development called ShopWiredConnect. 

ShopWiredConnect is currently a separate system but work is underway to merge it with the main ShopWired platform.

Support enquiries

Any enquiries about ShopWiredConnect or the Click & Drop app should be directed by email to Unfortunately telephone support or live chat support is not available for ShopWiredConnect or the Click & Drop app at the present time.

Using the Click & Drop app

1. You should create an account on ShopWiredConnect at (you can use the same username/password as your ShopWired account, but this is not mandatory).

2. Once you have created your account, you will be prompted to enter the API keys from your ShopWired account. These can be obtained by following the instructions here

You will be asked whether you want to import historical orders which means orders placed on ShopWired before you setup your ShopWiredConnect account.

3. Once you've entered your API keys, select the second item from the left hand menu (it's an icon of 9 squares). Next, click the 'configure app' button beneath the Royal Mail Click & Drop icon. 

4. Each of your delivery rates that's setup in your ShopWired account will be displayed on this page.

For each delivery rate you should select the Royal Mail Service Code from the drop down list. The service codes are different for delivery within the United Kingdom and the rest of the world. You can obtain descriptions for each service code from within your Click & Drop account or alternatively using the guide below. 

5. App setup is now complete and you can proceed to the next step. 

Configuring your products

6. Within your ShopWired Connect account select products from the left menu. 

For each product you should select a Domestic Package Size and International Package Size from the drop down. 

7. Once you've completed this step click the 'download click & drop CSV' button in the top right of the screen. 

8. You should save this file to your computer's hard drive and upload it within your Click & Drop account. 

Proccessing orders

When you want to buy and print a shipping label for an order you should login to ShopWired Connect and select 'orders' from the left menu. 

Each order has a 'manage' selection available. To select the order as one that you would like to import into Click & Collect click the orange circle. 

When you've selected your orders, click the 'download click & drop CSV' button in the top right of the screen. 

You should save this file to your computer's hard drive. 

Login to your Click & Drop account and upload the CSV file containing your orders and follow the on-screen instructions.

Royal Mail Service codes

OLP11st Class
OLP1SFSigned For 1st Class
OLP22nd Class
OLP2SFSigned For 2nd Class
SD1OLPSpecial Delivery (Guaranteed by 1pm) £500 Compensation
SD2OLPSpecial Delivery (Guaranteed by 1pm) £1000 Compensation
SD30LPSpecial Delivery (Guaranteed by 1pm) £2500 Compensation
ISOLPInternational Standard
ITROLPInternational Tracked Up To £250 Compensation
ITSOLPInternational Tracked & Signed Up To £250 Compensation